January 13, 2006 
We Tour the Los Angeles Times
 LA Times Group 1.13.06
Here is most of the MC101 group that went on the Los Angeles Times tour. We had a nice turnout for our day of Downtown field trips.
I rode Downtown on the Metro Red Line subway. It is an excellent way to travel. And, according to this ad, it's a great place to meet celebrities.


 Globe Lobby 1.13.06

We gathered at the Times in an ornate marble lobby where there is an exhibit on the history of newspapers, the Times and Los Angeles.
Hiatory Display 1.13.06

Darrell Kunitomi of the Times did an excellent job of showing how the paper has been intertwined with the development of the Los Angeles area.
Spring Street 1915
Among other things, students were able to immerse themselves into this scene on L.A.'s Spring Street, circa 1915.
LA Times Newsroom 1.13.06
We were taken to the Times newsroom. There weren't many reporters around in the morning. Deadlines are later in the day.
Clip File 1.13.06
Darrell showed us the Times library, where newspaper clippings up to 1985 are still kept in hard copy.
We were led through the Times newsroom. Eventually, this guy let us know that it was time to go.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.