March 2, 2007 
We Tour the Los Angeles Times
LA Times Group
We are about to begin our Los Angeles Times tour. We're across the street from Los Angeles City Hall.
Before our tour we had breakfast at Philippe's, which has been in Downtown Los Angeles since 1908.

Everyone had a good time (except, maybe, the fish).
L.A. Times Presses

On the the Times...

There is a historical exhibit in the main lobby opf the Times Building. We learned that the printing presses (which are many decades newer than this model) are no longer at the Downtown location.
 LAT Library
Our tour guide, Darrell Kunitomi, showed us all around the newsroom and other offices. We are in the newspaper's library where the reporters do background research for their stories.
Outside LAT Kitchen
The MC101s had an excellent opportunity to see how a major metropolitan newspaper operates, and to ask questions about it. We are looking into the Test Kitchen, where all the recipes for the Food Section are tried out.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.