March 10, 2006 
We Tour the Los Angeles Times
 L.A. Times Group
We are about to begin our Los Angeles Times tour. We're in front of the history display in the main lobby.  We had a nice turnout for our day of Downtown field trips.
Breakfast before the field trips  
As grand as the Times is, there is only one way to start a day of Downtown field trips: with breakfast at Phillippe's.

Phillippe's has been Downtown for more than 90 years. 

A pair of MC101s strike a pose.

I rode Downtown on the Metro Red Line, the city's subway. It is an excellent way to travel. And, according to this ad, it's a great place to meet celebrities.


Spring Street 1915

Meantime, back at the Times, we arrive at an ornate marble lobby where there is an exhibit on the history of newspapers, the Times and Los Angeles.

Among other things, students are able to immerse themselves into this  scene on L.A.'s Spring Street, circa 1915.
L.A. Times Presses

We learned that the printing presses (which are many decades newer than this model) are no longer at the Downtown location.
Times Newsroom
Our tour guide, Darrell Kunitomi, showed us all around the newsroom and other offices. We are in the newspaper's library where the reporters do background research for their stories.
Some of the stuff we saw in the newsroom is quite whimsical.
Towelettes Collection
A major photo opportunity in the Times newsroom is the moist towelettes collection.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.