March 14, 2003
We Begin Our Day of Downtown Field
Trips by Touring the Los Angeles Times
Here we are on our Los Angeles Times tour. 

As always, Darrell Kunitomi (far right) is our very able tour guide. But there is more to tell about this day of Downtown field trips. We will start at the beginning.

As grand as the Times is, there is only one way to start a full day of Downtown field trips: with breakfast at Phillippe's.

Phillippe's has been Downtown for more than 90 years. 

Among other things, they serve a good breakfast.

At the Times, we begin our tour by looking through the historic Globe Lobby. Darrell, our tour guide, is a long-time Times employee and Los Angeles native who knows a lot about the paper and the city.


This is a page of lead type created from a Linotype machine. Most daily newspapers used this sort of technology until 1970, give or take a few years.
We saw much of the editorial operation, including the newspaper's in-house library. It is here where the reporters find old stories and other background information.
Meantime, the scene in the newsroom is not quite as awe-inspiring.
But the newsroom certainly has charms of its own.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.