June 21, 2002
We Begin the Summer Field Trips
by Touring the Los Angeles Times
The Summer 2002 field trip season started on a pleasant Friday morning as we went Downtown to tour the Los Angeles Times. Darrell Kunitomi, our guide on the tour, speaks to our group just outside the Spring Street entrance to the Times.
But let us start at the beginning. As always, the Mass Comm 101 field trip to the Times began with a hearty breakfast at Phillippe's, home of the French Dip Sandwich, a fixture in Downtown Los Angeles since 1908. Typically, only a few students answer the call for an early breakfast Downtown, but it is good to sit down and talk with them in a more informal setting than the classroom usually allows.

Today was an all-guys breakfast. 

After breakfast, those of us who did not have to drive to the Times were free to walk there. A morning stroll through Olvera Street was one of the highlights.
Once at the Times, we were met by Darrell Kunitomi. Darrell knows A LOT about the Times

In this shot, he's talking about the Times and its rival papers.

A large newspaper like the Times has millions of old  newspaper clippings to keep track of. Times articles 1986 to present are on computer, but all previous articles are clipped, filed and kept in the Times morgue. ("Morgue" is newspaper slang. It's the place where they keep the dead stories.)
Here we are getting a look at the Times test kitchen. All the recipes published in the Food Section are tested here first.
The Times tries to be the newspaper of record for all of Southern California. It's a lot of territory to cover. 

On to our Downtown walking tour, lunch, and the Los Angeles Central Library.