July 3, 2003
We Begin Our Day of Downtown Field
Trips by Touring the Los Angeles Times
Here we are at the beginning of our Los Angeles Times tour. We are just off the main lobby at First and Spring Streets. We are learning about the development of Los Angeles and the role that the Times played in it.

As always, Darrell Kunitomi is our very able tour guide.

But as grand as the Times is, there is only one way to start a full day of Downtown field trips: with breakfast at Phillippe's.

Here are some MC101s in front of Phillippe's vintage candy counter.

After breakfast, a small group of us walk over to the Times. Our route takes us through Olvera Street and past City Hall. 

Across the street from City Hall we run into a street sign that pays tribute to Los Angeles' many sister cities around the globe.

In an inexplicable oversight, Glendale is not included.

At the Times, we begin our tour by looking at the local history display. Darrell, our tour guide, is a long-time Times employee and Los Angeles native who knows a lot about the paper and the city.
Here is a closer look at the vintage ad that Darrell was showing the MC101s in the top photo on this page.

One thing is for sure about Los Angeles: property values are a lot higher than they were in the 1950s.

We stop in at the paper's in-house library. Behind Darrell is what reporters call the morgue. This is where stories go when they die. There are several million clippings here, ranging from the early 20th Century up to 1985. More recent clippings are available on computer.
Here is the test kitchen. When the Times does a cooking story for the Food Section, the dish is prepared here and photographed for the paper. 
On to the newsroom. We pass by the television stage where Times reporters are interviewed for KTLA Channel 5 news. Both the Times and KTLA are owned by Chicago-based Tribune media.
However, this would be a lot more fun as a TV backdrop.
Despite all the serious newsgathering that goes on in the Times' newsroom, it is good to see there is still time for silliness.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.