September 14, 2007 
We Tour the Los Angeles Times
LAT Globe Lobby
We are about to begin our Los Angeles Times tour. These early arrivals are in the historic Globe Lobby at First and Spring streets.
L.A. Times Presses

There is a historical newspaper exhibit in the Globe Lobby. We learned that the printing presses (which are many decades newer than this model) are no longer at the Downtown location.
History at LAT
Our tour guide, Darrell Kunitomi, started with a discussion of the Times' place in Los Angeles history.
LAT Clip File
Darrell showed us all around the newsroom and other offices. We are in the newspaper's photo archive, where pre-1985 photos are still kept in paper format.
LAT Photo Wall
The MC101s had an excellent opportunity to see how a major metropolitan newspaper operates, and to ask questions about it. These MC101s are in a discussion about the various types of cameras that newspaper journalists have used through the decades.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.