September 23, 2004
We Begin Our Day of Downtown Field
Trips by Touring the Los Angeles Times
Here we are on our Los Angeles Times tour. 

As always, Darrell Kunitomi (far right) is our very able tour guide. But there is more to tell about this day of Downtown field trips. We will start at the beginning.

As grand as the Times is, there is only one way to start a full day of Downtown field trips: with breakfast at Phillippe's.

Phillippe's has been Downtown for more than 90 years. 

It is always good to meet with some MC101s in a less formal setting than the classroom typically allows.

It is a pleasant morning Downtown. This will be appreciated later when we do a walking tour of Downtown.

In this photo, we are just outside the editorial offices of the Times.


Once inside the Times, we are led through what seems like endless hallways in this sprawling complex. This is the test kitchen where recipes are tried out for articles in the Food Section.
Soon, we are off to the newsroom...

... Which certainly has a personality of its own.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.