September 27, 2002
We Begin Our Day of Downtown Field
Trips by Touring the Los Angeles Times
Here we are at the beginning of our Los Angeles Times tour, Fall 2002 semester. We are just off the main lobby at First and Spring Streets. The eagle behind us is the newspaper's symbol. Among other things, it survived the Times bombing of 1910.

As always, Darrell Kunitomi (far left) is our very able tour guide.

But as grand as the Times is, there is only one way to start a full day of Downtown field trips: with breakfast at Phillippe's.

Eddie Alvarez takes charge of a Phillippe's omlette.

After breakfast, a small group of us walk over to the Times. Our route takes us through Olvera Street--part tourist attraction, part cultural touchstone, part historic monument, and wholly Los Angeles. Daniela and Heather take in the morning scene.
Across the street from City Hall we run into a street sign that pays tribute to Los Angeles' many sister cities around the globe. On a more somber note, I am geniunely sorry to see that the First Street fast food joint that proudly proclaimed itself HOME OF THE KOSHER BURRITO has been lost to the wrecker's ball.
At the Times, we begin our tour by looking at the local history display. Darrell, our tour guide, is a long-time Times employee and Los Angeles native who knows a lot about the paper and the city.
One thing is for sure about Los Angeles: property values are a lot higher than they were in the 1950s.
The newsroom is on the third floor. We get to see most of it. The group asks Darrell a lot of questions arout the running of a newspaper. 
We learn that reporting can be a messy business...
...But that the results are worth it when you break a truly big story.

On to tour walking tour of Downtown.