Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test
Week 2 Vocabulary

"Lot's Wife", page 3, "Birthday Party", page 43, and "Richard Cory" by E.A.Robinson, page 4
Ba'al name of the Canaanite god of Lot's time. The priestess sacrificed a lamb to Ba'al.
Adonai one of the names of the Hebrew God. Adonai was used as a name for God when they could not use God's name directly.
City of Sin the wicked city of Sodom. Lot was ordered by God to leave the city of sin immediately.
communes in this poem a verb meaning communicates. I prefer to be in the forest communing with nature.
at childbed giving birth to a baby. She became sick while at childbed.
banquette an upholstered bench along a wall. They sat on the banquette in the narrow restaurant.
indignant angry. She grew indignant when it was obvious that she wasn't going to get what she wanted.
Occasion (with the capital "O") a special event. It became obvious that this was an Occasion.
curt rude in a brief, quick way. She was indignant because of his nasty, curt reply.
conspicuous obvious. She wore a conspicuous red hat.
imperially royally, like an emperor. The actress walked imperially to the table in the restaurant.
arrayed finely dressed. The priest was arrayed in a golden chasuble.
"in fine" in summary. In fine, we thought that he was perfect.
"schooled in every grace" well educated in knowledge and etiquette The congressman's son was schooled in every grace to prepare him for a life of politics.
"fluttered pulses" made people's hearts race to see him. Just by walking on stage, the woman caused a thousand men's pulses to flutter.