March 2000,2001 St.Patrick's Day, 2000

Played with Erich Sylvester and Alan Maslac (L) otherwise know as Irish Heatbeat on the Day itself. Also perform (R) with Paula and Roger Nelson who portrays St.Patrick's Confessions at the Center for Spirituality in the city of Orange.

Religious Education Congress, Anaheim

A the Celtic Liturgy with Fr.Liam Lawton, Tess O'Donoho, Rory Cooney.

Scenes from the Religious Education Congress where Dennis played at the Celtic Mass and
performed with Bob Hurd in a Lamentations Prayer Service.

(L) Fr.Liam Lawton and John Bell lead the congregation (R)Fr. Austin Doran and Fr.Craig Cox, seminary classmates.

At the rehearsal for the Celtic Liturgy with Marty Haugin (piano), Fr. Loftus (celebrant), John Bell, Liam Lawton, and Gary Daigle

More pictures from the Celtic Mass
NCEA Convention

You meet the nicest people at the National Catholic Education Association Convention in Baltimore. (L) Sister Dolores O'Dwyer who taught Dennis in 8th Grade (R) Sister Cheryl Milner, principal of Bellermine-Jefferson High School who worked with Dennis in the 70's when he taught 7th grade.

Dennis got away for a few hours in Washington D.C.

More recent engagements.....

Dennis Doyle