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We are in week#15. Standardized Post-Tests are this week. Finals are next week.

Check in both at the desk and here in the lesson page each time you do your Lab Work:

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When the screen says that the DATA has been accepted, press the BACK button to get back to this page, then proceed with the weekly assignments listed here. You only need to submit your name once a session. Finish all these exercises in the order listed.
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How to Do These Assignments
Start these assignments by tapping on the underlined words. Some of the assignments simply require you to read the materials. You may find some of the information on tests. Other assignments require you to type short paragraphs into the question box and submit the material. It is then sent via the Internet to your teacher. Some assignments are multiple choice questions which you must answer and then send the results to your teacher. Keep up with the weekly work. Ask for help from the English Lab staff or your teacher.
Week Do These Assignments:
  • The Basics (READ ME FIRST)
  • "How to Lose Weight" (p.380)
  • What's your e-mail address?
  • Written Assignment #1
  • Mouse Practice* (do Mouse Practice only if you've never worked with computers before.)
  • The Secret of a Successful Student
  • 3
  • Improve Your Study Reading
  • "Foul Shots" (p.371)
  • Improving your Memory
  • Read why some believe that the "Frito Bandito" is an insulting image.
  • Picture of the Frito Bandito
  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Written Assignment #2
  • Learning And Remembering
  • The Curve of Forgetting
  • 4
  • Summary of Phonics Rules
  • "Quicker Learning"(p.389)
  • SQ3R Method for study reading
  • Written Assignment #3
  • Dividing Words into Syllables
    Select a book for your book report due on week 8.
    Suggested books are listed here.
    Next, using the book, do Internet Assignment #1.
    Turn in your paper to Mr.Doyle next week.
  • 5
  • Samples of vowel sounds and their pronunciation
    Answer Key for the "Mark these Syllables Pages" in the Student Workbook:
  • page 13 in the green book
  • page 14 in the green book
  • page 19 in the green book
  • "How to Write a Business Letter" (p.401)
    Now determine the readability of the book you selected last week for your outside reading book report book.
    Tap here to find out how to do the reading level analysis.
  • Phonics Practice Quiz
  • The Short Vowel Sounds Review realvideo , QuickTime
    Practice for the first quiz which will be next week.
    Review the textbook vocabulary also.
  • 6
  • 28 Spelling Rules
  • Practice Quiz for Reading Skills Handbook Vocabulary
  • Review for the First Test
  • "I'll Become an American" (p.363)
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week.
  • 7
  • Read and Answer the questions on the Mystery of Oak Island
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week also.
  • 8
  • Roots Dictionary
  • "My Husband's Nine Wives" (p.410)
    Your first book reoprt is due this week.
    Tap here to see how Mr.Doyle wants the book report done.
  • 9
  • "What's Your Best Time of Day" (p.417)
  • Practice Quiz in Greek & Latin Roots
  • Halloween Customs
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week also.
  • 10
  • "Obscenity" (p.524)
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week.
  • 11
  • "Putting America on Rubber Tires" (p.426)
    Read & Answer the Questions
  • The Unicorn in the Garden
    Select a second outside reading book for your final book report.
    The list of suggested books is here.
  • Enroll in next semester's Reading Class.
  • 12
  • "The Struggle to be an All American Girl" (p.438)
    Read & Answer the Questions:
  • Murder, She Wrote
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week.
  • 13
  • "Underground Dads" (p.447)
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week.
  • 14
  • How to Outline
    Read & Answer the Questions
  • Finding Main Ideas
  • President Clinton in Glendale
  • Fact or Opinion Quiz
  • "In My Father's House" (p.463)
    Finals are coming up in a few weeks.
  • Outline Review Quiz
  • All About Propaganda
  • Dissect an Advertisement
    Work in the Learning Center's CAI Lab this week.
  • 15
  • "What is News?" (p.455)
  • "Looking Forward, Looking Back" (p.514)
  • Review these past lessons for the final exam. Finals are December 14-20
  • Practice Quiz # 2 for Reading Skills Handbook Vocabulary
    Final book report is due this week
    Tap here for directions.
    Finish Lab work assignments by December 13
  • You should have at least 16 hours of Lab Work done by the end of the semester.

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