Mike Eberts

Professor of Mass Communications


Support Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace



I'm from Los Angeles, East Hollywood to be exact. I attended Los Angeles public schools K-12. My first newspaper job was with the long-gone Hollywood Citizen-News. I delivered 'em from bags slung over the hi-rise bars of an old Huffy that I bought with birthday money.

Since then I've had more formal education than is probably good for a person and have held a variety of jobs (not all of them menial) in the media. I began teaching in 1985 at Long Beach City College. I've been at Glendale College since 1987.

Other Stuff

I'm a daily bicycle commuter through the streets of Los Angeles and Glendale, one of the few I'm afraid.

I wrote A Centennial History of Griffith Park in 1996. An article I wrote for the Southern California Quarterly about the early years of Glendale College is now online.

JUST FOR FUN: Here is an Internet list of really, really bad headlines.

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