May 14, 2004
We Dissect Political Ads at the
Museum of Television & Radio
The Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills is just plain cool. Designed by world-class architect Richard Meier, MTR offers many workshops and other programs designed to highlight the role of the broadcast media in shaping our perceptions of the world around us.

Moreover, this is a cool field trip because it takes place in Beverly Hills 90210. Here are some of the early-arriving MC101s against a typical Beverly Hills backdrop.

There is a lot to look at and think about on this 
field trip. The museum always has programs 
on interesting and timely topics that have to do
with broadcasting.
Only downside of this field trip is that it almost drowned in its own success. According to my  count, this field trip drew 89 MC101s and guests making it far and away the largest MTR field trip group in MC101 history. The crowd was a little overwhelming, but good-natured.
After our excellent workshop on political advertising, some of us walked across the street to Johnny Rockets for lunch.
On to our Getty Center Field Trip