July 30, 2003
We Attend a Workshop on TV's Role in the Cold War Era at the Museum of Television & Radio
The museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills is just plain cool. Designed by world-class architect Richard Meier, MTR offers many workshops and other programs designed to highlight the role of the broadcast media in shaping our perceptions of the world around us.

Here is our group in the lobby of the museum.

We assembled for our 10 a.m. start. As usual, some of the MC101s were late due to heavy crosstown traffic. Didn't matter, though. It was a nice morning to hang out and watch Beverly Hills sashay on by.
This is not to say the MC101s were out of place in this glitzy streetscape. Actually, they fit in rather well.
Our field trip was just a couple of days after the passing of Bob Hope. The Museum's gift shop had some Hope-related merchandise in the window.
After our workshop on the broadcast media's role in raising anti-Communist fears during the Cold War Era, a group of us went across the street to Johnny Rocket's for some decadently capitalist burgers, fries and Cokes. 

The nickel-a-song jukebox was also fun. 

By early afternoon we were on the road for our field trip at the Getty Center. Traffic was less than fun.

On to our Getty Center Field Trip.