July 3, 2002
We Attend "Girl Shy" at the Orpheum
One of the  highlights of the summer MC101 class is our annual trip to an event in the Los Angeles Conservancy's "Last Remaining Seats" series. This year, the film was the silent Harold Lloyd comedy "Girl Shy" and the location was the recently- renovated Orpheum Theatre on South Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.

By the way, Hugh Hefner (complete with multiple blonde escorts) was there.


MC101s started arriving early, which was a good thing. The event was a sellout and you had to get in early to get good seats.

Some MC101s brought dates.

Others brought a parent.
And there was your basic MC101 guys night out.
This was one of those rare field trips where the MC101s had to buy tickets. However, they got a discounted price and were treated to a great event. There is always much more than a movie screening in these "Last Remaining Seats" events. On this evening, we were treated to a charmingly-hokey vaudeville show and an introduction to the film by noted film critic Leonard Maltin.
The Orpheum was built in the 1920s, the heyday of the movie palace. The idea was that even if the show was a bust, just going to the theatre was an event in itself. This is a shot of the Orpheum's lobby. Think marble, lots and lots of marble.