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Don't Just Surf the Web ... Make Waves on It!

by Mike Eberts
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Directionless surfing of the world wide web and other Internet media is fun and occasionally educational, but it quickly becomes dull. Students told only to see what's out there often wind up reacting in one of two ways:

  1. They conclude that cyberspace is slow-moving and boring and withdraw from it.
  2. They turn into cyberspuds, spending increasing amounts of time staring at various sites, waiting to be entertained.
I believe that there is a depressing tendency among some to treat the Internet (the world wide web, particularly) as a mutant, digitized form of television. I think it's up to us to demonstrate that the Internet is a participatory medium that contains rewards richer than mere time-killing entertainment.

My goal is to help unlock the Internet as an unparallelled research tool that can help my students pursue their education, employment and personal growth. In addition, I encourage my students to become active and responsible Internet consumers by providing both structure and freedom (which may seem contradictory, but they're not).

How to Become a Wave-Making Internet Teacher

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