Walking the Pobladores' Path
Pushing on Toward Downtown
We regrouped behind our banner-bearers and left Lincoln Park.
It is always interesting to walk through Lincoln Heights and other historic neighborhoods along the route.
Random thought: Only bird-lovers should be immortalized with outdoor statues.


Downtown has come into view. Our destination is in sight. All we have to do is cross the railroad tracks and the Los Angeles River and we're practically there.
Here is the final bridge into Downtown. The group's pace has fallen off a bit as the distance and heat have begun to sink in.
The Pobladores Walk always gets some media attention. This is partly because it is a newsworthy event and partly because holidays are typically slow news days. In any event, it's fun to pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV news and see a story about something you participated in.
We enter Union Station from its north end. We regroup in the little garden area just to the south of the main passenger waiting area.
After about 15 minutes, the group is ready to head across the street to the Plaza at the end of Olvera Street.

PART 3: Our Arrival