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"How to Lose Weight--and Whether You Should", page 380
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
longevity length of life A smoker's longevity is frequently decreased.
nurturance providing care, especially to children The nurturance of children is an important part of life.
hypothesize form a scientific premise or idea about why something happens You can hypothesize all you want, but you still need evidence.
dilemma difficulty; predicament He was wealthy but felt trapped by his money; it was a dilemma that we all should have.
menopause the physical transition women go through when they stop menstruating Her mother went though menopause when she was 47 years old.
disposition tendency He had a disposition toward violence when he was a child; small wonder he ended up in prison.
malleable capable of being shaped; changeable Gold is very malleable; this is why pure gold is rarely used in jewelry.
metabolism the physical and chemical processes within the body that regulate how the body uses and stores energy Exercise tends to speed up your metabolism.
chronic continuing; frequently recurring He was chronically late to class and was finally dropped by the teacher.
obese extremely fat The man grew obese because he was disappointed in love.

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  1. form a scientific premise... retention hypothesize enhancing gimmick

  2. providing care... cavalier inherently nurturance reprisal

  3. length of life... longevity nurturance hypothesize dilemma

  4. the physical and chemical processes within a body.... menopause disposition malleable metabolism

  5. difficulty, predicament... reprimand reprisal dilemma inherently

  6. when women stop menstruating... distractions menopause gimmick enhancing

  7. tendency... absorbent retention enhancing disposition

  8. continuing, frequestly recurring... chronic inherently cavalier coup

  9. capable of being shaped... longevity nurturance hypothesize malleable

  10. extremely fat... reprimand reprisal obese inherently

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