Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

""How I'll Become an American", page 363
Read it over and answer the questions at the end.
igloo a hut of ice built and used as a dwelling by Eskimos. Christopher lived in an igloo briefly while staying on the north coast of Alaska.
warranty a guarantee that a product is as advertised. The computer had a 90 day warranty.
depressed low in spirits; unhappy; dejected. Jack was depressed when his long-time girlfriend left him.
slang nonstandard vocabulary of a given culture or subculture. The slang expression "bought the farm" means that the guy died.
soaps in this context, daytime television dramas. He liked to catch the soaps after school each day.

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  1. low in spirits, unhappy... acid test depressed asinine illegible

  2. special language used with a certain trade or job... typos stultifying jargon cliche'

  3. non standard vocabulary or a given culture or subculture... slang flippant acid test pretense

  4. common, ordinary, banal.... appetizing pretense stultifying mundane

  5. a hut of ice used by Eskimos.. annihilate acid tests igloo cliche'

  6. a conclusive test... sardonically acid test gimmick test asinine test

  7. daytime television dramas... jargons flips typos soaps

  8. futile, ineffectual, frustrating... stultifying mundane factual legibly

  9. minor typing errors... stultifying mundane flip typos

  10. a guarantee that a product is as advertised... flippant asinine warranty pretense

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