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"Foul Shots", page 371
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sardonically scornfully ; mockingly The student ignored the teacher's sardonic remark.
cavalier proud; arrogant; self-important He put on a cavalier appearance to mask his feeling of inferiority.
inherently as a basic condition or characteristicSome believe that it is inherently wrong to clone a human being.
reprisal getting back at someone to cause at least the same injury in return.He smashed his sister's toy in reprisal for her losing his video game.
coup (pronounced "koo") a brilliantly carried out strategyThe army staged a coup and took over the government in only a few hours.
reprimandcriticize sharply; rebuke He was reprimanded for always coming to class late.
scrimmagean informal game meant for practice The Burbank High School basketball team had a scrimmage with the team from the rich high school.
barrioneighborhood, often a poor place but not alwaysBurbank High School was in the barrio in San Antonio, Texas.
glibtalkative His glib remarks enraged the team.
inferiorityworse than others, lower in rank or powerThe education system had made him feel that his native language was inferior to English.
foul shota free shot or chance to score in basketball given to the opposing team's athlete after he/she had been "fouled" i.e. the vicitm of unsportsmanlike conduct. In this story, the "foul shot" was the nasty racist baiting during the lunchtime.Joe was fouled when shooting and the ref gave him two foul shots.

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  1. an informal game meant for practice... retention scrimmage enhancing gimmick

  2. a brilliantly carried out strategy... cavalier inherently coup reprisal

  3. in a scornful, mocking way... sardonically nurturance hypothesize scrimmage

  4. a basic condition or characteristic.... sardonically reprimand malleable inherently

  5. proud, arrogant, self-important... reprimand reprisal cavalier inherently

  6. getting back at someone to cause injury in return... sardonically reprisal gimmick enhancing

  7. a free shot given to the victim of a foul... reprimand retention enhancing foul shot

  8. talkative... glib inherently cavalier coup

  9. worse than others... ambidextrous nurturance hypothesize inferiority

  10. neighborhood... reprimand reprisal barrio inherently

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