Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Six Keys to Quicker Learning", page 389
Read it over and answer the questions at the end.
absorbent able to soak something up A baby's mind is quite absorbent, so watch what you say around them.
retentionability to remember You haven't really read something unless you remember it also; retention of the information is important.
enhancing helping; increasing in value You can enhance your worth in the marketplace if you have additional skills in using the computer.
gimmick tricky device Read in a questioning way; this gimmick often helps you to remember what you read better.
cognitive relating to how we acquire knowledge His early exposure to drugs dulled his cogitive powers.
distractions things that draw attention away from a focus or attentionIt's distracting when people come late to class.
mnemonics tricks to help your memory A mnemonic to remember the lines on a music staff is:
Every Good Boy Does Fine.
stymied stopped due to confusionWhen stymied by a difficult word, try to sound it out.

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  1. able to soak something up... retention absorbant enhancing gimmick

  2. relating to how we acquire knowledge... cavalier inherently cognitive reprisal

  3. helping, increasing in value... enhancing nurturance hypothesize scrimmage

  4. things that draw attention away from a focus or attention.... sardonically reprimand malleable distractions

  5. a tricky device... reprimand reprisal gimmick inherently

  6. tricks to help your memory... sardonically mnemonic gimmick enhancing

  7. ability to remember... reprimand foul shot enhancing retention

  8. stopped due to confusion... stymied inherently cavalier coup

  9. worse than others... ambidextrous nurturance hypothesize inferiority

  10. neighborhood... reprimand reprisal barrio inherently

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