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"How to Write a Business Letter", page 401
Read it over and answer the questions at the end.
stultifying futile, ineffectual, frustrating Jose couldn't wait to leave the stultifying class.
mundanecommon, ordinary, banal His mundane life would never be made into a movie.
jargon special language used with a certain trade or job Medical jargon is hard to understand if you never studied medicine.
flippant, or flip disrespectful, shallow, not serious The teacher was angry when he heard the flippant comment from the back of the room.
appetizing appealing, tempting, like a good meal The appetizing smell of cookies entered the room from the bakery next door.
annihilate wipe out; murder, from 'nihil' (Latin) 'nothing'A tidal wave would annihilate the village at the shore.
legibly clearly, able to be read You must write legibly or no one will be able to read your work.
asinine unintelligent, silly, stupid, like an assAsinine comments poured from the back row.
acid test a conclusive testThe acid test on whether the missile was worth funding was if it could take down the incoming warhead.
cliche' a trite stereotyped expression It's a cliche' to say that 'Nice guys finish last'.
factual based on factsFactual evidence is needed to convict the man.
illegible not legible, not readableAn illegible letter is an insult to the reader.
pretense from pretend, a false show of somethingCongress went through the pretense that they were going to do something about taxes.
typos minor typing errors A typo on the page made it look like his salary was ten times higher.

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  1. to totally wipe out, murder... acid test annihilate asinine illegible

  2. special language used with a certain trade or job... typos stultifying jargon cliche'

  3. not readable... illegible flippant acid test pretense

  4. common, ordinary, banal.... appetizing pretense stultifying mundane

  5. unintelligent, silly, stupid... annihilate acid tests asinine cliche'

  6. a conclusive test... sardonically acid test gimmick test asinine test

  7. appealing, tempting, like a good meal... jargon flip typos appetizing

  8. futile, ineffectual, frustrating... stultifying mundane factual legibly

  9. minor typing errors... stultifying mundane flip typos

  10. a trite stereotyped expression... flippant asinine cliche' pretense

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