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"Putting America on Rubber Tires", page 426
Just read it over for now.
tentacles slender appendages on animals that serve as organs of touch. The tentacles on the sea anemone where delicate but deadly.
messiah an expected savior, i.e. in Jewish or Christian belief. The new Macitosh operating system was seen as the messiah to the whole Apple computer line.
heralded announced, proclaimed publicly. Microsoft heralded the delivery of the new version of Windows.
profanely with dirty or foul language or obscenities. Sometimes it seems that the soldier's only vocabulary was profanity.
standardized to make a standard homogenized size, weight, etc. McDonald's expects each of their workers to provide a high standardized level of service.
phenomenal highly extraordinary; exceptional.He was a phenomenally good ball player.
kingpin the boss or chief of high importance.The mafia kingpin lived in a rather simple house.
sophisticated world-wise, not naive, smart in the ways of the world.Secret Agent 007 is sophisticated in his choice of wine.
ostentation showing off; display designed to impress others.The parade was rather ostentatious for such a small town.
consolidation unification, strengthening.The consolidation of the banking industry was inevitable considering the advantages of forming a near-monopoly.
notoriety famous in n unfavorable way.Cher is famous; O.J.Simpson is notorious.

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  1. announced or proclaimed publicly... consolidation heralded kingpin notoriety

  2. the boss, esp. a mafia chief of a corporate leader... consolidation heralded kingpin notoriety

  3. unifying various companies into one big company... consolidation heralded kingpin notoriety

  4. famous, but in a bad way.... consolidation heralded kingpin notoriety

  5. highly extraordinary.... messiah profanely phenomenal ostentation

  6. with dirty or obscene language, disrespecting a sacred thing... messiah profanely phenomenal ostentation

  7. showing off esp. to impress others... messiah profanely phenomenal ostentation

  8. a savior, for example, Jesus Christ to Christians... messiah kingpin phenomenal ostentation

  9. slender, arm-like appendages... sophisticated profanely standardized tentacles

  10. making a standard homogenized size, shape or weight... sophisticated kingpin standardized tentacles

  11. smart in the ways of the world... sophisticated kingpin standardized tentacles

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