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"The Struggle to be an All American Girl", page 438
Just read it over for now.
stoically in a manner unaffectected by joy, grief, pleasure or pain. He stoically accepted the responsibility knowing fully how difficult the climb would be.
stern severe in appearance, inflexible. The stern judge soberly proclaimed the sentence.
repressed held back; secret. The repressed emotion manifested as fainting spells.
kowtow a Chinese greeting in which one bends very low to express respect. The Irish industrialists did not wish to kowtow to the usual British moneyed interests.
phonetic representing the sounds of speech with symbols. Not knowing the language, he learned the Spanish song phonetically.
fragile frail. His fragile body could not take the shock of exposure to cool air.
raunchy indecent or obscene.She wouldn't go to the movie because she had heard that it was full of raunchy language.
pidgin a language formed by the mixture of two or more languages, originally a"business" language. They traded with the dealers using pidgin as the means of communications.
smatterings fragmented, superficail knowledge,little bits of information He had a smattering of Italian as well as Greek and Spanish.
Cinco de Mayo The 5th of May; the Mexican Indepenence Day I took Cinco de Mayo off so I could go to the parade.

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  1. Mexican Independence Day... Cuatro de Julio Cinco de Mayo Dos de Octubre Fourth of July

  2. frail or easily broken... repressed kowtow fragile strut

  3. bowing down low to show respect... kowtow gaping fragile pidgin

  4. a language formed by the mix of two or more languages.... kowtow raunchy smatterings pidgin

  5. representing the sounds of speech.... raunchy smatterings phonetic pidgin

  6. dirty or obscene.. smatterings raunchy phonetic pidgin

  7. held back, secret... stoically stern raunchy repressed

  8. fragmented, superficial bits of knowledge... smatterings stern phonetic pidgin

  9. severe in appearance, inflexible... pidgin profanely stoically stern

  10. in a manner unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure or pain... sophisticated raunchy stoically stern

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