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"Underground Dads", page 447
Just read it over for now.
underground hidden, secret, below the surface. The mafioso went underground when he was about to be arrested by the FBI.
gaping deep and wide open. There was a gaping gash in his leg as a result of the bear attack.
strut to walk with bearing and swagger, i.e. proudly. The little boy strutted into the room like he was the king of the world.
exacting rigorous; strict; demanding. The Irish teacher held the students to exacting standards in diction and deportment.
reverence respect; awe; admiration. They felt revernce toward the ancient forest and longs for its preservation.

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  1. rigorous, strict, demanding... underground exacting strut reverence

  2. a deep and wide open cut or gap... consolidation underground gaping strut

  3. respect, awe, admiration... reverence gaping exacting notoriety

  4. to walk with bearing and swagger.... reverence heralded gaping strut

  5. hidden, secret, below the surface.... messiah gaping underground strut

  6. with dirty or obscene language, disrespecting a sacred thing... messiah profanely phenomenal ostentation

  7. showing off esp. to impress others... messiah profanely phenomenal ostentation

  8. a savior, for example, Jesus Christ to Christians... messiah kingpin phenomenal ostentation

  9. slender, arm-like appendages... sophisticated profanely standardized tentacles

  10. making a standard homogenized size, shape or weight... sophisticated kingpin standardized tentacles

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