Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"In My Father's House", page 463
Just read it over for now.
giddy lightheaded. He was giddy with joy at the prospect of making the team.
impulse sudden whim. They decided to go to the movies on impulse.
ludicrous absurd. Some say that it was ludicrous for the US government to go into war against Spain.
wince flinch, i.e. to wink and or startle at some perceived threat. The beesting made him wince with pain.
coax persuade. He coaxed his mother to finally try to use the e-mail program on her computer.
litany a list solemnly read. A litany of the president's sins were listed in the conservative newspaper.
rhetorical question a question that advances the conversation but does not require an answer.There is not meant to be an aswer to a rhetorical question.
radicalize to turn into a radical. When Michael Davitt saw the horrible working conditions in the factory, it radicalized him against English domination of Ireland.
evasive ambiguous; misleading. The president's evasive answers angered the judge.