Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"What is News?", page 455
Just read it over for now.
unarticulated not clearly or directly stated. His unarticulated love for the girl tortured him.
criteria, (singular: criterion) rules for making a judgement. The criteria for putting news in the paper is generally stricter than for television news.
penny press sensationalist newspapers of the nineteenth century American cities. Some say that the penny press forced the US government into war with Spain.
document analysis close discussion of published statements Document analysis revealed the theft of millions of dollars from the agency.
intrinsic within itself; on its own merits Some believe that abortion is intrinsically wrong, no matter what the reason.
motto a sentence or expression which summarizes a belief. "In God We Trust" is a motto written on every dollar bill.
mass media nationally and internationally distributed media, i.e. newspapers, television, radio, and the internet.The mass media favors stories which are about violence.
newsworthy worth writing about in the mass media If a dog bites a man, it is the ordinary happening; if a man bites a dog, then it is considered newsworthy.
familiarity having close intimate knowledge He had acquired a familiarity with the criminal justice system after having spent a few years in prison.
adversaries enemies The media likes to line up adversaries and have them argue on camera.