Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Looking Forward, Looking Back", page 514
Just read it over for now.
quadriplegic complete paralysis of the body due to injury or disease to the spinal cord. Christopher Reeves became a quadriplegic after his accident with the horse.
repertoire selections of songs, plays, poems to be performed. The boy's musical repertoire consisted only of a few dirty songs.
irony an intended meaning opposite to what is actually said or done. Some say that it was ironic that President Reagan would become friends with Communist leaders.
ordeal a painful experience, often as a test of manhood. The young indian boy went through the ordeal without fear or distress.
prognosis prediction of the course and outcome of an illness. His prognosis after the accident was that he'd never walk again.
claustrophobia fear of small enclosed places. His claustrophobia made him fearful of elevators.
compromise settling of differences by giving in on some points.Violence was averted when the warring parties met to compromise on the issue of shared governance.
ambivalence conflicting, often opposing feeling On the issue of gun control, I feel some ambivalence; I trust certain people to have guns, while others really shouldn't be able to own one.
pathetic arousing pity or sorrow The pathetic homeless person needed food and shelter from the storm.
stagnation staying inactive; failing to change or develop. There was some stagnation in the department after the old boss retired.
stasis a stable, balanced state. The emergency room staff does not seek to fix everything with their emergency care, but rather to bring the people to statis, so that they won't die before further needed care.
hokey sentimental; corny; uncool, nerdish in a conservative way. It seemed a hokey idea to give all the mothers roses, but everybody was glad we did it later.
naive innocent, like a child. Some would say it's naive to trust any corporation to be working in the interest of the public.