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Practice quiz for vocabulary from pages 371-425.
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  1. able to soak something up... retention absorbent enhancing gimmick

  2. scornfully; mockingly... cavalier inherently sardonically reprisal

  3. length of life... longevity nurturance hypothesize dilemma

  4. the physical and chemical processes within a body.... menopause disposition malleable metabolism

  5. a brilliantly carried out strategy... reprimand reprisal coup inherently

  6. relating to how we acquire knowledge... distractions cognitive gimmick enhancing

  7. tricky device... absorbent retention enhancing gimmick

  8. getting back at someone to cause at least the same injury to them... reprisal inherently cavalier coup

  9. capable of being shaped... longevity nurturance hypothesize malleable

  10. difficulty; predicament... chronic dilemma metabolism malleable

  11. as a basic condition or characteristic... inherently sardonically cavalier reprisal

  12. helping; increasing in value... absorbent retention enhancing gimmick

  13. things that draw attention away... cognitive gimmick enhancing distractions

  14. criticize sharply; rebuke... coup reprisal reprimand inherently

  15. continuing; frequently recurring... metabolism chronic malleable disposition

  16. providing care, especially to children... nurturance longevity hypothesize dilemma

  17. proud; arrogant; self-important sardonically inherently cavalier reprisal

  18. ability to remember; from the word "retain"... retention absorbent enhancing gimmick

  19. tendency..likely to do something... malleable disposition menopause metabolism

  20. the physical transition women go through when they stop menstruating... longevity nurturance menopause hypothesize

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