Practice Quiz:
Dividing Words into Syllables


Tap on the word that is correctly divided.
Some can't be divided because they are only one syllable.

  1. pent-a-gon pen-ta-gon penta-gon pentagon

  2. pant-hei-sm pan-theis-m pan-the-ism pantheism

  3. mer-lin merl-in me-rlin merlin

  4. ba-con bac-on bacon baco-n

  5. ag-nost-ic a-gnos-tic ag-nos-tic agnostic

  6. cir-cumvent cir-cum-vent ci-rcum-vent circumvent

  7. to-il-et toi-let toil-et toilet

  8. bib-li-o-phile bi-bli-o-phile bib-lio-phile bibliophile

  9. bi-cy-cle bic-ic-le bic-i-cle bicycle

  10. am-bi-dext-rous am-bi-dex-trous amb-id-ex-trous ambidextrous

  11. an-thro-po-mor-phism an-thro-po-morp-hism ant-hro-po-mor-phism anthropomorphism

  12. aqua-duct aq-ua-duct a-qua-duct aquaduct

  13. cor-pu-lent corp-u-lent cor-p-ul-ent corpulent

  14. bi-bli-cal bib-lic-al bib-li-cal biblical

  15. con-ste-llat-ion con-stel-la-tion constellation constellation

  16. Cel-tic Celt-ic Ce-ltic Celtic

  17. eulo-gy e-u-lo-gy eu-lo-gy eulogy

  18. frat-ri-cide fra-tri-cide fra-tri-ci-de fratricide

  19. zym-ur-gy zy-mur-gy zym-urg-y zymurgy

  20. hypo-dermic hyp-oder-mic hy-po-der-mic hypodermic

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