Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Shame" by Dick Gregory, page 213
the "eagle flew on Friday" payday, because $10 bills were called 'eagles'. Negro payday was Friday; the Eagle always flew on Friday.
on relief on welfare, i.e. government assistance. The kids without Dads ended up on relief.
nappy hair in tight curls. I brushed my hair down so it wasn't so nappy.
"idiot's seat" chair for kids who misbehave in school. The teacher put me in the idiot's seat.

a warm coat. When I moved out east, the first thing I needed to buy was a warm mackinaw.

"Warren Pryor" by Alden Nowlan, page 5
barren infertile. The fields grew barren due to overuse.
thistle a sharp, prickly weed. Thistles collected on his clothes as he walked through the brush.
axe-hewn shaped as if with an axe. His axe-hewn features matched his massive muscles.
throttled suppressed, stifled. the throttled young man glared at his tormentors.
"cups ran over" joyful, a biblical reference to Psalm 23
In some Bibles, Psalm 22
When we moved out west, our cups ran over to see such a beautiful region.