Student-Worker-Parent: Three Big Jobs


Three Big Jobs

By Davis Hong

The myth was college students were young, carefree, and unburdened by anything but tomorrow's exam. Somewhere along the line, it was forgotten students live in reality. The reality is students work, students have families, and students want to get out of GCC and move on to bigger and better things. The problem arises when all three are attempted at the same time.

It's not hard to tell Glendale College is populated with more than swingin' singles with two seater cars and back packs free of broken crayons. There are GCC students who have a little more than chemistry homework to do when they get home.

Unlike finals, parenthood can come quite unexpectedly to some students. How do you decide between watching a child's school play and attending math class? How do you decide between getting to school on time and driving less than 70 m.p.h. out the elementary school parking lot?

Having to come to school, then go to work and become a full time parent is like having three jobs at the same time. After dropping kids off at the babysitter's or in daycare, GCC's mommies and daddies may have only minutes to spare throughout their day. A minute for quick hugs and kisses, another for a page or two of English, another for straightening a tie or tugging on a pantyhose, and maybe, if they're lucky, a minute or two to catch their breath.

Student parents may not always have the time to take a full load every semester. They may not finish in two years, but they still have their sanity, and a little extra time with their kids.

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