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CyberStudent's Guide: How to Tackle a Term Paper

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Welcome to WebScene! Serious students have much to gain by using the Internet as a research tool. Be sure to check out our Research Center to learn cybersearch techniques for locating specific documentation and information once you have narrowed the focus of your paper.

First, you will want to go to the Encyclopedia and look up your topic to get a general overview of the possibilities before zeroing in on a specific area.

Once you have reviewed the encyclopedia, you're ready to define the focus of your paper. Generally, the more specific your focus, the better your paper will be. However, be careful not to limit it to the point where you may have difficulty finding related information.

Next, review related current events by searching News Links to get the most recent information on your topic.

Then, check Usenet Newsgroups if you want to get more background information or exchange ideas with others on the Internet regarding your topic.

You may also want to use a web search tool such as LYCOS to search for websites which may offer additional information related to your topic.

Now you are ready to consult recent periodicals to search for articles in professional and scholarly journals which relate to your topic. These publications can be found using one of the search tools described in WebScene's Research Center Depending on your subject, this search may provide a great deal of specific information which can be cited in your final product.

When doing online research, be sure to bookmark any areas you may want revisit. Also, if you intend to cite an article in your paper, print it out and be sure to find and copy down the publishing information as well.

Once it is time to begin writing, check out Style Sheets which offers links to MLA guidelines and other resources to help you structure your paper.

Oh, and you never know when an online Thesaurus might come in handy!

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