The Slacker Factor

Then There's the Slacker Factor...

By Nelly Assadourian

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why some GCC students hang around way past what's reasonable. They have all enrolled themselves in Cafeteria 101 and they don't seem to be dropping it any time soon.

Maybe some of them (us) are just plain lazy.

OK. Some are legitimately juggling work and school, or school and children or all three at the same time. But does that explain those of us who make a career out of hanging around the Bookstore Patio?

Many students attend community college because there are no acceptance criteria, therefore allowing students to believe they can act freely and irresponsibly. Those are the students who have support financially from their parents and have only school to worry about. "I'm not in any hurry to leave because GCC has easier classes than a four-year school," said one student. She figured that the longer she could stay at a community college the better it is for her.

Students who have no reason to leave the comforts of home and get a degree, and those who consider college a school with ashtrays, are sticking around longer as well.

In any case, students have always managed to drag out the typical "two-year community college" idea to whatever works for them. It has become more difficult to end in two years, but some of the reasons like laziness are far from justifiable.

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