Feb. 2, 2001
We Tour Downtown L.A. and the Los Angeles Times
Here we are in the Times newsroom with Darrell Kunitomi. More about that later.

As always, the Mass Comm 101 field trip to the Times began with a hearty breakfast at Phillippe's, home of the French Dip Sandwich, a fixture in Downtown Los Angeles since 1908 (I mistakenly wrote 1912 on an earlier field trip page). Typically, only a few students answer the call for an early breakfast Downtown, but it is good to sit down and talk with them in a more informal setting than the classroom usually allows.
We marvelled at the dime cups of coffee, discussed the news of the day and what we'd see on the field trip ahead.
As always, the turnout was a nice balance of good students ...
... and geeky teachers.
Darrell did a fine job of weaving the city's history and the Times' history into one intertwined narrative.
Besides, the Times' newsroom is simply a cool place to hang out. This is MC101 student Nancy Yaldizian and her beau. It's always nice to have guests on MC101 field trips.

After the Times tour, some of us went to see the sights Downtown on our way to our afternoon field trip at the Los Angeles Central Library. Come with us.