Nov. 2, 2000
We Tour the Los Angeles Times
As in past semesters, the Mass Comm 101 students toured the Los Angeles Times newsroom under the leadership of our long-time tour guide, Darrell Kunitomi. It was an interesting time to discuss goings on at the newspaper, what with the 2000 Election only days away.
As always, the Mass Comm 101 field trip to the Times began with a hearty breakfast at Phillippe's, home of the French Dip Sandwich in Downtown Los Angeles since 1912. Typically, only a few students answer the call for an early breakfast Downtown, but it is good to share good food and good conversation with those who do show up.

We split the Times tour into two groups because our delegation had grown so large in recent semesters that it was hard to take all of them through the newsroom at one time. We did a good job of turning out in nearly equal numbers for both tours.

Emma Mesrobian, left, leads a procession of MC101 students down Spring Street to Times-Mirror Square.

The newsroom tour, as usual was interesting and included a lot of questions from our group.
I don't recall what these students were reacting to, but they look like they've just been confronted with someting vaguely unsettling in the Times newsroom.
Afterward, some of us went on a walking tour of Downtown. We had an opportunity to bask in the bustling multiculturalism of Downtown Los Angeles.