June 21,2000
Despite Much Laker-Mania, We visit the Los Angeles Times

36 hours before our tour, the Lakers had won the NBA Championship. A half hour after our tour, the Lakers victory parade was scheduled to begin a few blocks from Times-Mirror Square. All things considered, I'm just glad that our visit to the Los Angeles Times went off without a hitch.

As always, our Mass Comm 101 field trip to the Times began with breakfast at Philippe's, home of the French Dip sandwich.

Getting into the theme of the morning, Adriana looks at the paper before we storm the newsroom.

Once at the Times, Darrell Kunitomi (our tour guide) started by telling us a bit about the newspaper's history. They have some nice exhibits in the ornate marble lobby at First and Spring Streets. 

That's an old-time Linotype machine to the right of the picture.

Once we got upstairs into the newsroom, Darrell showed us how newspaper pages are put together. This is a dummy sheet.
The Times tour was more than just a romp through the newsroom. Darrell explained how the newspaper seeks to make itself indespensible in an era of faster mass media, and how the Times will evolve to meet future challenges.
After the tour, we noticed that the crowd was really building for the victory parade. Being such an unusual day Downtown, the typical post-Times L.A. history walk was cancelled and several Mass Comm 101 students happily threw themselves into the huge victory parade crowd.