Celtic Festival-Japan, Tokyo, Japan

(L) On stage at the Ryutsu Center with Scottish Harpist, Wendy Stewart (R) At a shrine in Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Dennis shared the stage with Welsh harpist Elenor Bennett and Scottish harpist Wendy Stewart at an international harp recital as part of the annual Celtic Festival-Japan '97 on November 1. Each harpist did a set and then they came back together to play together for a finale. There were wonderful rapt audiences. Dennis also played for the pub stage as well. Also performing were Milladoiro from Galicia, the Ragged Band from Australia, Sean Nos from Ireland and local musicians Rising Pints, Tim Harrris, Gerald Muirhead, the Tokyo Bagpipe Band, Eye Wish, Hardwood, and C.W.Nicol. Also featured was an Art show, a fashion show by local Irish expats and workshops by experts in whisky and art. There was also a demonstration by the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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