MC101Field Trip
We Examine 50 years of Broadcast Ads at the Museum of TV & Radio
Warm springtime weather broke out just in time for our field trip to the fashionable West Side. In the morning, we attended a workshop on broadcast advertising at the Museum of TV & Radio.


One of the nice things about Mass Comm 101 field trips is that you get to meet the friends and families of students. MC101 Student Fabiana Pascali brought her children who, I hope, had a good time.
I don't really have pictures of the workshop itself, given that it was done in a darkened room where the ads were screened. But I can tell you that TV&R Teacher Amy Garawitz did her usual fine job of increasing our media savvy.

Afterward, some of us went across the street to Johnny Rockets for lunch. Our group seemed to gravitate toward the lunch counter.

 After lunch, we braved midday traffic to reach the second half of our field trip doubleheader, the Getty Center. [NEXT]