Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"A Martian Sends a Postcard Home", page 13
caxtons in this text, caxton are books, named after an English printer. Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wings.
Model T an early American automobile built by the Ford motor company (1908-1927). My grandparent's first car was a Model T.
apparatus device, instrument, equipment. The scientist did not have the needed apparatus to finish the experiment.
colours colors. He bought colour film for the camera.

"The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury, p.77
veldt grassland The deer live on the African veldt.
thatched straw covered Old cottages in Ireland had thatched roofs.
glade an open space in the middle of a forest. They found the lost hiker in a wooded glade.
"two dimensional" having height and width The characters in the comic book seemed two dimensional.
recede into crystalline distance become transparent The face of the ghost receded into crystalline distance.
"three dimensions" having height, width, and depth. We live in a three dimensional world.
jaunt pleasure trip His jaunt through Yosemite National Park left him refreshed and inspired.
tapestry a heavy cloth woven with designs Tapestries were used in castles to decorate and to help keep the rooms warm.
bolted jerked, moved suddenly She bolted from the party when she saw her ex-husband.
appalled shocked She was appalled to find out that someone had broken into her apartment.
bemused lost in thought The setback did not disappoint him, rather it left him bemused.
telepathic emanations thoughts He believed that the machine could record his telepathic emanations.
subsided stopped or grew less. The headache subsided after he took the aspirin.
contraptions inventions, esp. unwieldy machines The Model-T automobiles were noisy contraptions.
Pegasus a winged horse in Greek mythology Hercules was reputed to ride Pegasus on his trips to Olympus.
agate a type of rock in the quartz family Some colored agates are prized for decorative purposes.
ozone a molecule of oxygen found in the upper atmosphere and in smog. The ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from dangerous radiation.
joviality being jolly Joviality is one of the characteristics of Santa Claus.
Tom Swift a character in a series of books written for young boys by the author Victor Appleton All the boys wanted to be brave and smart like Tom Swift.
lurking hiding A cat was lurking in the back of the garage.
animated moving, living An animated feature was shown before the main movie.
flue passageway The volcano vented through a flue in the side of the mountain.
neurotic mentally unstable They suspected that the children were growing neurotic.
insufferable intolerable The children are often insufferable.
intersperse mix The images were interspersed between small films.
paranoia unreasonable suspicion or distrust Were my feelings justified fear or paranoia?
rapping knocking We heard a quiet rapping at the door.
spoor trail or droppings of a wild animal He could tell from the spoor that the trash had been torn apart by coyotes.
wailed cried The wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard blocks away.
engrossed deeply involved with He seems engrossed with surfing the internet.