March 14, 2003
We Continue Our Day with a Downtown Tour and a Trip to the L.A. Central Library
Here is the MC101 group at the beginning of the walking tour. We are on Second Street. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is in the background.
We stop in one of the most famous (and beautiful) structures in Downtown Los Angeles, the venerable 1893 Bradbury Building.
We continue our tour along Broadway and eventually reach the Bridal District. There are wedding chapels here where ceremonies can be performed over lunch hour for under $200. The place we stopped into has several mini-chapels. According to an employee, they may conduct 60 wedding ceremonies on a busy Saturday.

We try a quick MC101 wedding ceremony.

... However, it does not last. No problem, though: the chapel also does divorces.
We wind up at Downtown's bustling Grand Central Market. It is our lunch stop.

Don't know who the guy is in the center of the photo. Some MC101s thought he was a tourist who got lost.

On to the library...

The Los Angeles Central Library challenges a lot of assumptions we hold about public libraries. One of those assumptions is that they are entirely indoor facilities. Part of the joy of the Central Library is its beautiful MacGuire Garden. 

The garden was the meeting place for our afternoon field trip. The MC101s are about to get their assignment sheets.


Here is a marker that tells passers-by a bit more about the library and its history.

MC101s roamed all over the library looking for information for their field trip assignment. These MC101s were taking down notes in the Children's Library.
In addition to everything else, this new wing of the L.A. Public Library is a repository of public art. In any event, this library is much more than simply a big building that houses a collection of books.

Most of this public art is located in the beautiful postmodern Tom Bradley Wing.

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