June 27, 2006 
We Take a Downtown Walking
Tour and Visit the Central Library
Bradbury Building
With our tour to the Los Angeles Times done, some MC101s headed back to campus, or home. But many stayed for the Downtown Los Angeles historic walking tour and our afternoon field trip to the Los Angeles Central Library.

One of the treasures of Downtown's Historic Core is the 1893 Bradbury Building. 

These MC101s are in the building's famous lobby, which was used extensively in the film Blade Runner.

Ross Cutlery

Ross Cutlery, a knife store that gained a noir sort of fame during the O.J. Simpson trial, is also in the Bradbury Building. The MC101s went in and looked around. Someone asked a clerk to show her the type of knife that O.J. bought.

Grand Central Market
Students were getting hungry, so we headed to lunch at the Grand Central Market. There were TV screens set up near the lunch tables and people were watching the World Cup.
Pershing Square
After lunch, we visited Pershing Square where there was live music and a funky-looking guy dancing to it. The vibe was a little different than a typical afternoon back in Glendale.
 LAPL Group
On to the library...

The Los Angeles Central Library is much more than simply a big building full of books. For one thing, the Tom Bradley Wing, constructed in the 1990s, is a beautiful piece of postmodern architecture.

These MC101 are just outside the entrance to the library. 

Here is a marker that tells passers-by a bit more about the library and its history.
Bradley Wing Skylight
The post-modern Bradley Wing of the Library is vast and light. Looking up through the skylight, you can see the tall buildings--old and new--that surround the library. 
Inside the Library
These MC101s are overlooking the Bradley Wing, which is mostly underground.
In addition, this new wing of the L.A. Public Library is a place for public art.

Eventually, the MC101s completed their assignments and took cars, buses and even the city's fledgling subway system back to their home neighborhoods.

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