Sept. 24, 2008 
We Take a Downtown Walking
Tour and Visit the Central Library
Our Times tour done, we took a walking tour of Downtown's historic core and postmodern development atop Bunker Hill.

Here is our group at the Watercourt.
Library Garden 
On to the Los Angeles Central Library...

These MC101s are in the Garden area near the west entrance to the library.

The MC101s were given an assignment to turn in at the end of the field trip.

Library Sign
Here is a marker that tells passers-by a bit more about the library and its history.
Bradley Wing Skylight
The post-modern Bradley Wing of the Library is vast and light. Looking up through the skylight, you can see the tall buildings--old and new--that surround the library. 
These MC101s worked on a field trip assignment which asked, among other things, how major libraries should position themselves in the digital age.

Eventually, the MC101s completed their assignments and took cars, buses and even the city's fledgling subway system back to their home neighborhoods.

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