The Zig-Zag or Loop

The last method is a type of modified scanning technique. In this one you take your hand and cut across the text diagonally about three lines and then slide back to the next line. Now the idea here is not necessarily to see each word, but to scan the entire area, letting your mind pick out the main ideas. I wouldn't recommend this for material that requires very careful reading, but it is a way to help you get the general ideas of easy material.

These methods seem simple and easy, but don't let that fool you. These are very useful methods which can help a good reader read faster and better in very little time. But these techniques will not do you any good unless you PRACTICE them. It usually takes about three or four session before you get accustomed to a particular technique.

As you move along and learn the methods,you may find that one is more suitable for you than the others. Find the one that works for you and use it.

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Dennis Doyle

The pictures were made by me. The models are my kids, Evan and Michael Doyle. See, even a kid can do them.

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