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Cyber 'Zines

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Utne Lens - "Field Guide to the Emerging Culture."

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine - The "only publication devoted to the critical evaluation of claims of the paranormal."

John Labovitz's E-Zine-List - Probably the Internet's most complete list of Cyber 'Zine links, arranged by subject.

Literary Magazines and E-zines - This one's self-explanatory.

Political Magazines and E-Zines - Again, self explanatory.

Cool Links - Books, magazines and e-zines.

Ms. Guidance on E-Zines and Journals - "Alphabetical list of 943 e-zines, a subject-matter list" and more.

Electronic Magazines - "The definitive e-zine resource," per John Labovitz's E-Zine List. Extensive archive of ASCII text and PostScript e-zines as well as Hypertext-based 'zines arranged by category.

Electronic Journals - WWW Virtual Library's list of magazines, journals, newspapers and publishing topics, including academic and political divisions. Also has a built-in search function.

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